2014 Stendig Calendar. September 27, 2013

Stendig Calendar

Massimo Vignelli’s iconic Stendig Calendar. Commissioned in 1966 by the furniture company Stendig, Massimo Vignelli designed the now iconic Stendig calendar. The massive 4 foot by 3 foot calendar is a black and white grid of numbers and letters set in the Helvetica typeface. The calendar was snapped up by the Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection before a single calendar was printed. Vignelli is known for designing many of the world’s most recognizable corporate identities, including that of American Airlines, as well the iconic signage for the New York City Subway system. The calendar itself is an exercise in white space. “For us, the space outside the type is more important than the type itself,” Vignelli said. Since its inception, the modernist calendar has gone on to become a firm fixture in the offices and homes of creatives worldwide.

The 2014 edition of the Stendig Calendar is available now at Zoma Design Store.

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