Art Barter Berlin. June 15, 2010

Art Barter Berlin

It’s time to barter for some art again! Following on from last year’s successful Art Barter London, the Art Barter event is now headed for Berlin. Taking place between June 24th — June 27th 2010, Art Barter Berlin will showcase the work of 26 Berlin based artists, both emerging & established.

For those not already familiar with the concept of Art Barter, the event revolves around the idea that artworks will be acquired by individuals through alternative means to money. So it’s not a case of the person with the biggest chequebook winning the art, it’s down to what you as an individual have to offer in exchange for an artwork; it could be a back rub, or it could be a delicious home-made cake! Some of the exchanges that went down last year included everything from 3 months of psychotherapy (hopefully from a trained psychotherapist!), to website design, to 30 hours of French tuition.

The catch is that you don’t know which art work belongs to which artist until after the show’s end. You barter for the work you value, and are willing to barter your own skills for, rather than judging work on an artist’ reputation or possible financial gains. Personally, I love the ‘I Love You’ artwork shown in the image above. I don’t know who the artist is, but if I make it to Berlin, I’ll certainly be bartering my skills in the hope of owning it!

Artists involved: Jonathan Monk, Jason Dodge, Uwe Henneken, Saâdane Afif, John Isaacs, ?Wolfgang Ganter, YudiNoor, Isabelle Graeff, John Kleckner, Ilona Kalnoky, Sophie Holstein, Stefan Rinck, Haralampi Oroschakoff, Evgeni Dybsky, Jeremy Shaw, Clémence Seilles, Charlotte Dualé, Stephan Balleux, Melissa Frost, Alejandro Moncada, Sergio Roger, Yukiko Terada, Ludwig Kreutzer, Ricard Ricard, Pete Wheeler, Kate Bellm.

Venue: Ground floor of the .HBC Project Space, Karl-Liebknecht Straße 9, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

Dates: June 24th: Launch Night, 6pm-late, with DJ Jet Letts & drinks served by Absolut Vodka from 6-9pm June 25th— 27th. Open to the public, Fri/Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12-9pm.

Find out more at Art Barter.

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